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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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direct of of human law enforcement for pennsylvania spca. >> gist just leaving him on the street to succumb to his injuries is very disheartening >> reporter: neighbors on 900 block of south 55th street, in kingsessing reportedly called authorities, after finding the bloody pit bull, that stayed with him until animal control officers could arrive. >> you look at, the horrific acts, that occurred against duke, but then you look at all of the good people, who did the right thing and provided, help and assistance in his time of need. >> reporter: wilson said duke 's owner had been out of town for funeral and left him in the care of the friend. that person told authorities he let duke out in the yard of a home on the 5600 block of thomas avenue on friday night, and did not realize he had gone missing. wilson says while they don't know yet what led to the stabbing. >> he is not a dog attached to a dog fighting situation. >> reporter: witness december report a fight between duke and another dog on saturday but in the clear when had been stabbed, before or after that
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encounter. >> this is somebody who has a lot of hatred in them. that is it. >> reporter: now we have tried to reach out to both owner and person who had been watching duke at the time for comment but have not heard back, we also know owners did surrender , duke reportedly due to how intensive his post surgery care would be. so he will be up for adoption, after he recovers, meantime if you know anything about what happened to duke you are asked to call animal cruelty hot line at 866601 spca. for now live from pennsylvania spca, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". act of vandalism at a northeast philadelphia synagogue have police looking for suspects and motive. a maintenance worker found a baseball sized sized rock thrown through stained class window of temple menorah ken seth high in the 4300 block of tyson avenue this morning. thinks third incident like this at the synagogue since, december. police are investigating from northeast detectives. dramatic, violent robbery is caught on camera.
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we first showed you last night how surveillance video captured the moment when a man robbed a laundromat, ran off with $2,000 and then was gunned down by owner of the store moments later. but the suspect is not only one shot, "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live outside philadelphia police headquarters with more, alycia >> reporter: jessica there was a woman standing near store at bus stop who was shot in the head by the store owner. we did speak to the store owner very briefly who said he was a bit shaken up still after the incident but relieved though that police at this point have decided not to charge him after the shooting. a little before 4:30 yesterday afternoon along fifth street in north philadelphia, surveillance video captured moments after this laundromat is robbed. laundromat owner can be seen running after the alleged robber. >> told him three times, stop, stop, stop, and the guy said i will shoot you first. >> reporter: shots were fired but it was laundromat owner who shot suspect robber, twice
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in the chest. and innocent bystander who was also shot in the hand, all after the alleged robber is seen on surveillance video throwing down, the $2,000 he reportedly stole. >> i see, as the store owner was engaging this male, the male turned around, and, the individual had something in his hand. the knife or gun. >> reporter: police, said the knife on the suspect, but it still decided not charge the laundromat owner. authorities say that although they do plan to charge at alleged robber who is in critical condition, and may even charge, people who subsequently robbed the laundromat owner of a second time. >> all of a sudden wait, your people coming back, because you see money flying in the air. people grabbing money. >> reporter: after shooting surveillance shows people pocketing the laundromat's owner money that the alleged robber threw on the sidewalk. >> would i advice to you return money for simple fact thinks one of your neighbors and it is this guy's
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livelihood. >> reporter: alycia nieves reporting. following corruption charges calls for resignation of the philadelphia's district attorney seth williams, continue to grow. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is in university city right now with more on the growing opposition, to philadelphia's top prosecutor, david. >> reporter: ukee, seth williams was not in the office , spokesmen says he is working remotely but that did not stop protesters from coming out. they want him to step down immediately. we have learned even his own attorney wants out. >> unaudible. >> we want outset williams. >> reporter: twelve members of the black lives matter stood outside district attorney's office in philadelphia monday morning, their message, clear and immediate. >> everybody, from the fop to the mayor, everybody, wants you out. >> reporter: seth williams, once rising political star, and still the district attorney in philadelphia, is accused of bribery, extortion, and other charges, laid out in this 50 page federal indictment last week.
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he ace cues of taking more than $100,000 in gifts, and at one point demonstrators demand todd get in the building, to speak with williams but backed off. >> all he has to do is resign. no longer wants to serve public. he didn't serve public when he began he served himself. he has been self-interested all along. we are asking him now for the moment, one moment of candor where you can put public first and leave. >> reporter: tuesday will mark one week since authorities with the department of justice announced the charges. >> mr. williams simply took money that did not belong to him and then he lied bit. >> reporter: authorities say williams put $10,000 in his own accounts that would be supposed to be to the relative to pay nursing home fees. the day after his indictment, we caught him going in to court but he didn't have much to say. his attorney, however, did. >> seth williams, categorically denies, categorically denies that he is guilty of any crime, we ask only that this rush to
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judgment, stop. >> reporter: but on friday williams attorney asked to be taken off the case, arguing that the d.a. could not afford him. we reached out to seth williams still no word from philadelphia's district attorney, meanwhile, spokesmen for d.a.'s office says things continue to run smoothly despite news of the past week. we are told seth williams continue to work remetly, what is this all about? is he allowed to do this work from off site? we will delve in that part of the story coming up tonight at 6:00. see new an hour, reporting live, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. president trump is placing the blame on conservative republicans for failing to pass the g.o.p. plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. yesterday, he tweeted democrats are smiling in d.c. that the freedom caucus with the help of the club for growth and heritage, has saved planned parenthood and ocare. the chair of the freedom caucus says he still believes a deal can get done but trump administration is signaling it
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may be ready to work with democrats to fix the affordable care act. >> i think it is time for our folks to come together and i also think it is time to potentially get a few moderate democrats on board as well. >> the freedom caucus is looking forward to working with president trump on his next big legislative item: tax reform. president trump met with female entrepreneurs and small business owners today at the white house. >> empowers, promoting business in business is an absolute priority in the trump administration because i know how crucial women are as job creators, role models and leaders, all throughout our communities. >> the president promised his administration will break down barriers women face in business. his daughter ivanka was there and made brief remarks during the meeting. we have learned that ivanka trump will attend a women's economic sum tonight berlin, first daughter was invite by german chancellor during her recent white house visit. the w20 summit is a woman
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focused effort within the g20 countries and it will be held in late april. trump says that she hopes to steady successful apprenticeship programs. her husband jared kushner is expanding his role within the white house. kushner has been named head of the new white house office of american innovation. that office will be designed to bring ideas from the private sector into government and hopes of making it more responsive and efficient. we have also learned that kushner has a agreed to testify before the senate intelligence committee, about his ties to russia. new jersey governor chris christie is reportedly set to join a new white house task force on combating opioid abuse. an effort, announcement on that effort is expected for later this week. it is unclear what exact role he will have, christie has committed his last year as governor to curbing the opioid crisis in new jersey. and coming up at 5:30 a major shift in the debate over how to treat and prevent substance abuse. health reporter stephanie stahl has new guidelines that
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could see addiction being classified as a treatable, chronic, medical condition. storms rage across the southern plains bringing large amounts of the hail, tornado warnings and reported damage to the reej on. hail pounded the pavement at this home in texas yesterday. in parts of the northern texas large hail stones fell at a speed of over 100 miles an hour. this wal-mart in mckenney texas was forced to close early after large hail entered the building after breaking skylights. according to some reports the pellets were as large as baseballs. storm also brought down trees, fire officials confirmed the tornado touched down in justice, texas. same storm system brought baseball sized hail and were called fun else in parts of the oklahoma. hail from sunday's storm destroyed tree limbs and cracked windshields. drivers sought refuge under a gas station awning for protection. incredible hail fog fell over the region and brief tornadoes
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were also confirmed in the area. in our region it looks like we are going to stay pretty soggy, kate. >> that is right we are tracking showers and a few thunderstorms tomorrow. coming up i'll tell you when sun returns to the area. three girls denied entry in the flight because they were wearing leggings, airlines reasoning and what you the viewers are saying all bit, up next. reality television dad jon gosling makes a startling career change what is bringing him down the shore when we
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emergency crews in northwest china come to the rescue of a boy stuck in a very dangerous situation. let's show you video, of the rescue. young boy who was playing with friend became stuck in crevis after falling more than 300 feet, off a cliff on sunday. it took 10 minutes before rescue workers to descend, very slowly by rope and reach the boy. we're told there were no injuries. authorities say an avalanche at ski resort 75
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miles north of tokyo has killed seven japanese knees high school students and instructor. forty students and eight instructors were on the slopes during this morning's avalanche. officials say students were on the last day of a three day mountain training program. and, 40 other people were injured, including two who remain in serious condition. if you are traveling, for freon united airlines, is there a dress code you have to follow. fellow passenger documented on twit eras family was told their three teenage girls would not aloud to board plane because they were wearing, leg gings. united airlines requested they change because they were flying using friend and family tickets. those tickets, come with the dress code, and forbid form fitting lycra, spandex tops, pants, or dresses. >> i don't think leggings are inappropriate for women or girls and this young girl, 10 or 11, looks like a normal little kid. >> she watched her tweets go viral. she has four daughters and high profile gun control
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activist with more than 33,000 twitter followers. celebrities are now chimed in on this criticizing airline for its policy and starting a debate about whether leggings are inappropriate dress for a flight. we wanted to know what you thought about this policy and we asked to you reply to us on our facebook and twitter page. joseph wrote if you can wear it on the street you should be able to wear it on the plane but many disagree saying policy should be followed by people with special tickets, and meg wrote in they were flying with free travel passes , there are specific rules for those. the rules might need to be updated they were receiving a free travel benefit and they need to follow rules applied to said benefit. we want to know what you have to say about the airline requesting the girls change their clothes when united airline right to make passenger and leggings change before boarding ? way in on twitter at cbs philly and on our facebook page. kate bilo joins us with the forecast. foggy, soggy this morning, but that has moved on, right now. >> we are seeing a few breaks of sun which is a nice
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welcomed sight. we will not see much again tomorrow, we are stuck in the muck, so to speak. >> here we go. >> gray, glummy day tomorrow and tomorrow brings witt the chance foreign a thunderstorm or two, it has been a very active pattern but very least temperatures are on their way up for the next several days. here's a look outside to the roof cam where we are finally as we head toward sunset starting to see sunshine, looking pretty nice outside. this evening, we have got a little bit of blue sky in center city, and contrast from the morning commute where it was pouring for most of us. now we will be dealing with sun glare for your afternoon commute but i'll take sun glare over rain any day of the week. storm scan three is clear at the moment. we have had again some sun peeking through cloud are starting to thin out but as we widen out to the west we will see another system heading our way. this is producing nasty thunderstorms right now over portions of kentucky, and tennessee, this is heading east and should clip our area tomorrow with a few gusty
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storms. especially off to the south, showers, thunderstorms on and off at anytime tomorrow though beautiful afternoon, cape may courthouse, look at that 72 degrees, we have got sunshine there temperatures on their way up awaiting the arrival of the next system heading our way tomorrow. as far as rain amounts earlier today we have a third of an inch in allentown and reading. quarter inch in kenneth square and just shy of the tenth of an inch at the airport. not a major rain maker but dit hit at a very inappropriate time for your monday morning commute. fifty-nine in philadelphia head south though we will see more sun and temperatures in the 70's here in millville and wildwood. sixty-two right now in wilmington. more cloud, 54 up in allentown for the rest of this evening it will be mild, mainly dry, temperatures in the lower 60's and we are seeing some sunshine out there as we head toward sunset, and through overnight hours though we are mild, 62 degrees but spotty showers, fog, and mist around watch for pockets of dense fog for your morning commute tomorrow. again, overnight just a stray shower here or there and then
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tomorrow morning we will see these showers become more numerous, should be generally quiet for morning commute but watch what happens on and off throughout the day, these pockets of showers and storms rolling through best chance for gusty thunderstorm will be tomorrow evening around this time tracking a few storms out there on the radar and not expecting much in the way of extensive severe weather but anyone of the thunderstorms could bring us wind and heavy downpours. biggest threat in our region, just stayed to the south of the del marva region, sussex county delaware and marginal risk for severe weather. mostly looking okay as far as that is concerned but again any thunderstorm could pose a problem if you are traveling in it tomorrow afternoon for that commute. otherwise mild day with a high of 70 degrees. not a ton of sunshine but sun does come back by mid week. temperatures a little cooler, but wednesday looks like a beautiful day, breezy. sixty-one. thursday not too shabby either at 55. sunny and pleasant. it feels like we have in the seen a full day of sun in a while around here. >> yes, indeed.
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>> not too shabby at all. >> more rain in the seven day. >> see you in a bit. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a movement for more women. >> how statue of the little girl on wall street put there for international women's day is at certainty of the bigger push to woman in the business world, don. we will have some of what he is having why junior baseball player at west chester is the talk of the diamond, sports coming up
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for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. well, regular season baseball is almost here, won't be long now before it is time to head over to citizens bank park grab a hot dog and watch out for fighting phillies. before you go vittoria woodill has a preview is what new at ballpark everything from new food trend to the latest in philly fashion, tori. >> reporter: well, the energy is butting here at the ballpark. what is new? brand new phillies season is coming upon us. citizens bank park. they are pulling out all of the stops. they have brand new gear. i will be modeling in a fashion show coming up in a
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little bit, but as we take a look at this awesome hat that you can only get exclusively at the ballpark look at what it is, that is right my alma matter go explorers. they are teaming up with local colleges and taking a look at yoga t, that is fabulous, very comfortable, very fashionable as well as this is a new ban. a little bit of the spin on the fit bit where the tracks your sleeping and monitors your sports. but can we talk about the food i know you don't see anything around me right now but in the 11:00 o'clock hour of cbs-3, you will find out, the game changer, that is being brought to the ballpark, i'm talking about food kiosk, you guys, kiosk, it will change every. kiosk. >> magic word there. >> all right, tori, thanks very much. >> see i tonight. >> are you red i. >> yes, we have to be, all right, it is on. all right, don bell joins us now with baseball and we have the food and players.
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>> we have players and we have college players too and this one is a good one. baseball is a game of failure. if you get a hit three times out of 10 you are a star but in reality, you fail 70 percent of the time. west chester baseball has one player defying odd one swing at a time. >> just try to hit the ball hard. >> reporter: first base man shayne drexler is off tie hot start, that may be an under statement. he is batting .509 in 53 at bats, hes on fire. >> he put a lot of time in it. he has good understanding of his strength. he plays to those strength. >> good at bad for me. so, just trying to hit the ball hard and spread it all over the field and get my pitch. >> reporter: even though he is putting up shocking numbers he would rather not hear bit. >> i don't look at my stats, the whole year. our catcher is playing here, doing well, he said, you know, down in florida dude you are hitting .600. i said don't tell me.
5:25 pm
that don't even tell me about what i'm hitting. i don't want to hear it. >> start game zero for one and gets a hit hear something from the dug out, one for two and it took him two at bats to get a hit. >> my dad joked about that after florida, everyone trying to rub up on you trying to get good luck from you. no, not really. they are messing with me a little bit. >> shayne is a junior which means for the first time in his college career he is eligible for major league baseball draft but he does ant how that to cross his mind. >> every kid wants to play major league baseball but i just block that stuff out. i just want to have funny love how freshman catcher says you are badding .600. don't tell me. >> i don't want to hear it. >> i like him. >> yes. >> remember the name. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. coming up next on "eyewitness news" amazon changed the way many people shop but now a possible reversal of course, for the on line retailers, we will
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explain. trade ago dixon as substance abuse a respected medical group is recommending a big change in the way it is treated. health reporter stephanie stahl has just released information, up next. circumstances under which he was killed, obviously are horrific. >> we are hearing from the family of the american killed in last weeks london attack, how his wife, who survived is coping. when
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a respected medical group released new guidelines on how to treat substance abuse disorder. doctors and lawmakers are being urged to think differently when it comes to tackling the issue. the guidelines mark a major shift in how addiction could be viewed in the future. news continue at 5:30. i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter
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stephanie stahl joins us with the new recommendation. >> reporter: these new recommendations say addiction need to be looked at like other diseases, instead of blaming addicts for being weak , new guidelines say they should get better medical treatments. forty-two year-old julio reyes has been clean for three years but his addiction to heroin is still a constant fight. >> yeah, it is an every day battle. lifetime battle. >> reporter: american college of the physicians is taking a radical new stance recommending substance abuse disorder being treated as a chronic medical condition not a moral failure. new guidelines promote treatment for addicts instead of criminal icing their behavior and throwing them in jail. >> stigma that has been associated with this condition over years has led to a lack of treatment options. >> reporter: in 2014 the group found only 18 percent of the 22 and a half million americans with drug or alcohol problems, actually received treatment. compared to more than 70 percent for hypertension, diabetes, and depression.
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>> when those you might say key players make a statement it makes a big difference. >> reporter: new recommendations tell doctors to pay closer attention to guidelines for prescribing addictive painkillers which continue to fuel the opioid epidemic. the new guidelines also recommend a national database to keep track of narcotic prescription toss limit over use of painkillers, and that will also keep people from is what called doctor shopping, where they get drugs, from different doctors. also i just heard from the delaware department of health, more deaths in new castle county over weekend, probably all heroin-related. it is a daily problem out there. >> thanks, stephanie. a senior counter terrorism officer now says there is no evidence that suspect in last weeks london terror attack was associated with isis oral kada meantime we are hearing from family of the utah couple caught up in that deadly a tack. family members, flew in from
5:32 pm
utah to be with melissa cochran in a london hospital after being badly injured in last weeks terror attack. >> her health is steadily improving and she's been strengthened by the presence of her family. she is so grateful for the outpouring of love, and generosity. >> reporter: melissa is recovering from the broken leg and rib, but her family says that she's just coming to terms with the attack that took her husband curt's life. >> the circumstances under which he was killed are obviously horrific. >> reporter: cochrans were on their last day of their dream european vacation walking on west minister bridge when a speeding car hit them, curt went over side of the bridge and fell to his death on the concrete below. melissa was then in the souvenir stand. >> her grief is great right now, and i know that is because of all of the love, prayers that have come from all over the world. >> reporter: in all four people were killed when khalid masood rammed crowd on the
5:33 pm
sidewalk of the bridge before crashing in the gate at parliament. relatives say that the despite this gut wrenching loss they harbor no harsh feelings toward the attacker. cochrans were in europe to celebrate their 25th wednesday be anniversary and loved to take photo they say before returning home to utah they wanted to visit the bridge to take a photo in front of the big ben. police in cincinnati ohio say they are making progress in their investigation in the deadly shooting at a nightclub police believe multiple shooters opened fire at cameo club early sunday morning firing more than 20 shots, one man was killed, 16 were injured, and, they are talking about the ordeal. >> once i heard the third shotty didn't know whether they were coming from outside or somebody was shot at the club or coming from inside the club. once i realize it was coming from inside i dove to the ground to the side of my boyfriend and he got on top of me. >> police believe a dispute in the bar escalated in to the shootings. a fire at a residential building in oakland,
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california claimed life of one person. officials say the three story building housed more than 50 residents, recovering from addiction and also those newly released from prison. fifteen people were rescued from inside burning buildings and four victims were transported to hospital with that non-life threatening injuries. brand new artwork inspired by criminal justice system will soon be on display inside city hall. >> "eyewitness news" inside city hall civil jury room for unveiling of the new mural created by nathan alley of the philadelphia's mural arts program. that design highlights the conflict of justice by outlining right to trial by a jury of peers. as we continue tonight i had a chance to meet a special little girl who came here from far away just to receive medical treatment. >> i can't go. >> reporter: less than 10 minutes i will introduce you to maria and show you why her experience here wasn't all about those treatments, it was about getting better and finding a second home.
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also ahead, tonight reality tv dad jon gosling makes a startling career change, what is bringing him to our area, coming up, kate? fast forward into the weekend we are looking at seasonal temperatures saturday and sunday, there will be a chance for a shower saturday morning and then we will try to clear things out and get sunshine back in the afternoon saturday. sunday is looking sunny and temperatures right where they should be, finally return to brighter skies as
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a new statue will be, extended until at lee next year. fearless girl was placed there earlier this month to stair down famous charging bull ahead of international women's day. state street global advisors installed to it advocate information women on corporate
5:39 pm
board. 28,000 people have signed a petition to keep the statue there permanently. federal appeals court judge marjorie rendell visited students at lincoln high school. she participated in a question /answer session that included a range of topics including the current political climate. >> that is the way to effect change is for each individual citizen, to take it seriously and take it upon themselves to make sure that whoever is in our selected branches are doing what is good for the country. >> students from lincoln business and accounting academy is a tended morning's discussion. judge rendell's visit was part of the lincoln celebration of the women's history month. some say amazon led to the down fall of the big box stores but now the on line retailer could be building stores of its own. the new york times has said amazon is exploring idea of creating stores, that sell furniture and home alliances, items that customers may want to see before they buy. amazon is also considering, an
5:40 pm
electronic store concept, similar to apple's retail stores. now these would sell amazon devices like the smart home speaker echo, owe, owe, owe, owe, owe, owe, owe. >> well, family travels around the world to our area for medical treatment. >> what they got was so much more. we have their story and how to help change the life of
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this may look like an ordinary air hockey game but these bucks county teens cannot see the puck. it is just one of the many abilities that they have despite being blind. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 our stephanie stahl shared their amazing story and reason their mother is being honored that is just ahead tonight at 6:00. the parents appreciate their comfortable rooms at ronald mcdonald house. >> the children, well, they
5:44 pm
seem to love fun they have playing in the house. i spent sometime in the ronald mcdonald house in delaware playing with my new best budd, maria. >> ♪ >> maria is on the move this rambunctious six year-old has so much fun inside ronald mc donald house. she's been staying here with her parents for three months. >> i will never forget about. >> reporter: marie's family fridays pakistan, a long way from home but on the other side of the world they have found their second home, the ronald mcdonald house of delaware. maria was diagnosed with a rare disease at just four years old. the syndrome effects the bones and spine. >> it was shocking for me when doctors say it is really rare we cannot, we cannot find the diagnosis, no. >> reporter: so he brought her toal front ai du pont hospital
5:45 pm
in wilmington. >> after surgery she does not complain much about the pain. she's also, like, able to move she can walk. she was walking before the surgery. >> reporter: how do you say let's go play. >> one more time. >> speaking foreign language. >> i got a smile. >> maria wanted to show me her favorite places in the house, we started in one of the playrooms. >> yes. >> she said readies my favorite. >> yes. >> readies my favorite. >> yes. >> that was too easy. >> yes. >> don't hit me i can't move. i can't get up. >> and then it was on to the elevator for a ride down to
5:46 pm
the theater, yes, this ronald mcdonald house has a theater. >> this is it. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> yes. >> maria did you sign into. >> did you get some popcorn. >> yes. >> laughing. >> say down in front. she may not be in the movies, but maria is my shining star. with her big, beautiful smile, a smile that comes to life, in the house that love built. >> thank god we are in ronald mcdonald house. >> beautiful little girl and beautiful family. our ronald mcdonald house charities phone bank is tomorrow from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. you will be able to make a donation and help children like maria. we will be live all day here on cbs 36789 join us on twit ter and cbs
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such a great time. >> i love that story. >> my knees still hurting from the bicycle. >> yes. >> we had a great time. we had a great time. >> really good. >> that is right. >> and exactly. >> all right, kate, how are things shaping up out there. >> yeah, it is icky it is a little icky. i think you will be surprise. >> we have not been out in a while. >> but right now sun has decided to show its face, an hour or two, it has been a ick y day as you said but now we are reeping benefits of it. we are warming up. temperatures right now in the 60's but heading down in south jersey we are seeing 70's on the map feeling great, tomorrow will be warm as well but again, still have the chance for showers and thunderstorms. we will clear it out later in the workweek. lets look outside right now not looking as bad as it did not too bad right there bethlehem looking good, clear blue skies, beautiful this afternoon a complete departure to how we started with fog,
5:48 pm
and pouring rain, it was a miserable morning and all day included really won battle. finally seeing some sun just in time for dinner time for sunset, get home, take the dog for a walk and enjoy at lee a little bit of the nice pleasant spring day. temperatures above average now that we have got sun to peak through. checking in with our weather watchers on this monday we are in the lower 60's across the map here. we will see if we have any observations further, it looks like coastal area which are cooler then inland, james in ocean city is 59. breeze off water kept boardwalk temperature in the lower 50's. we had just a little bit inland and seeing temperatures in the 70's. right along the coast right now temperatures are in the 50 's. but head toward airport a few miles inland and we are seeing 71 degrees there it depend on the location. james, we are at 63 degrees. sun peeking through cloud. we are at 59 in gilbertsville checking with on our friend eileen murray at 59 with full sunshine. mid 60's popping autopsy cross
5:49 pm
parts of the map now that we have got sunshine in west chester at dineen's house 66. she said it turned into a beautiful afternoon. here's another look, what is going on, storm scan three, most of the cloud from earlier today have started to disperse and finally some sun peeking through. but we're not out of the wood just yet as far as wet weather is concern. cloud will increase, again, and this next system head our way. this is showers, and few gusty thunderstorms here over portions of the mid south and kentucky, tennessee, thinks all heading our way, another one doesn't look like much. we will see scattered showers and possibly thunderstorm on and off through the day tomorrow. up in the poconos looking good , because headville, a few cloud out there it has been a chilly march though. we have had our winter well above average, december 1.3 degrees, five and a half degrees above average in january. our warmest february at 8.5 degrees above average. march has been 2 degrees shy of the normal but looks like
5:50 pm
we will finish the month above average, pretty much every day as temperatures finally begin to stabilize. tomorrow we will see temperatures above the normal. we should be in the 50's, we will hit 70 in philadelphia, 70 in millville. sixty-nine in wilmington. sixty-seven in reading. love to tell you beautiful, sunny, dry 70 degrees but that is in the the case. here's what to expect for your tuesday, we will start off with morning fog, drizzle and we will see few breaks of sun here and there but chance for scattered showers through the afternoon and chance of the strong thunderstorm, biggest threat will be damaging wind and heavy downpours that could slow down your tuesday afternoon commute. as far as tonight is concern, fog, mist, mild night, 52 degrees your overnight low. heading in to tomorrow we have temperatures again at 70 but not a ton of sunshine, we may see a few breaks of skies but scattered showers and storms at this time tomorrow we will have pretty active radar. it looks like best threat for severe weather will move to the south but once we get that
5:51 pm
system out we have got two sunny beautiful days. not quite as warm. 61 degrees with sunshine on wednesday looking good are for a march day, thursday 55 with some sun and then we will close out month of march fittingly enough with rain, it is going out like a lion, heavy rain on friday, highs back to the mid 50's but we will start april on a nice note clearing out saturday and get temperatures back to the 60's on sunday and monday. still some ups and downs, guys , but not quite as pronounced as they have been. >> thanks, kate. area reality star is trying out a new gig. >> jon gosling who was part of the show jon and kate plus eight is debuting as a male stripper in atlantic city. michelle turner joins us from los angeles with the details on this quite a surprise while he makes his debut april 1st this noise april fools joke. yep, jon gosling could be going magic mike. the former jon and kate plus
5:52 pm
eight daddies a dj, promoter at the night club in atlantic city and this saturday he will make his debut in the club's untamed male review. he tells et i'm a integral part of the show. but don't expect, all of this, dad bod to be on display, john john might only strip to his underwear. his co-worker tells et he has been eating and rehearsing taking it very seriously. >> i'm working like hello. >> reporter: when we last spoke to jon in november his focus was on trying to gain more parental rights of his kid with ex-wife kate. he no longer has legal custody of the eight children, including 12 year-old sextuplets and 216 years old who appeared in the fifth season obfuscate plus eight. >> how often do you see children. >> i have one dinner night a week and every other weekend. >> reporter: we followed jon since he left his tl show show dj go to pay the bills and even working at tgi fridays. >> i tried everything i was an
5:53 pm
electrician,ty construction. >> reporter: of course we will have much more on tonight's et , ukee and jessica back to you. more on jon gosling and his new career, all of your entertainment news as well tonight and every night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. still ahead on "eyewitness news" flying dogs. >> k-9 athletes, pros and amateurs, coming out and diet ing and swimming skills. but which dogs do best. we will show
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
some dogs are truly flying high and really get something air under all four paws.
5:57 pm
>> check out these talented competitors at ultimate air dog show, at the del marva fair ground in california. some of them leap more than 24 e welcomed but the dogs that do best, include, labs because they love water. and border collies because they are great jumpers. >> how about that. >> yes, i taught my dog has to catch a frisby on the run. >> can dough that. >> no, no. >> that is next. >> this summer. >> okay. >> if you say so, that is great. if you are a fan of the talk here on cbs-3, you have a big opportunity to win. >> local viewers have the chance to win a trip to los angeles, and to vip tickets to the show, through the talk anchors away sweepstakes. >> are you one of the talks biggest fans, in chicago, new york, philadelphia, san francisco, or washington d.c.? if so, to be sure to visit the talk's facebook page to find out how to enter for chance to win a tip to l.a. to see us in person, next month.
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>> yes. >> all right. go to the talk's facebook page , to enter and tune into the talk on wednesday, april 26th, and guest hoe with the ladies around the table. >> nice. >> enjoy me, jill, czar, sharon, iisha, czar off been there before. >> kate has been there. >> tell our friend we said help. >> very excited. hopefully one of you will be going with me. >> go out and represent. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a deadly accident in a construction site tragic way a worker was killed on the job. welcoming ceremony for families from war torn syria i'm joe holden some stories and the lives that they left behind. she has been raising me for 17 years and finally paying off. >> these bucks county boise a lot in their mother even as they cannot see, our stephanie stahl shows you how they have not let being blind hold them back and reason it is earning their mom, a great big honor,
5:59 pm
kate? finally seeing some sunshine after a gray weekend and gray start to the day but we are tracking chance for thunderstorm, i will tell you when they will come through "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. calling for the district attorney's resignation, protesters take to the streets in philadelphia, asking seth williams to step down, as a wake up call to the corruption charges but will williams listen? good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in university city where he spoke to an attorney about seth williams future, david. >> reporter: hi, jessica i had an interesting conversation. those protesters wanted to ask seth williams and tell him to step down immediately. he was not in the office today he was working outside. i do not know where he was
6:00 pm
working but i found out tonight he can serve the rest of his term in office and not step foot in the building, one time. >> we want seth williams out of d.a. office. >> reporter: black lives matter protesters demanded a face-to-face with seth williams, we found out he wasn't even at his office across from city hall, spokesmen confirmed he is working remetly perhaps at his home, perhaps at another location. >> a district attorney can certainly work from home because they are actually delegating mess of the work and overseeing most of the work in the office. >> reporter: marci hamilton is a child advocacy attorney who teaches at penn. she's well versed on the d.a. 's office and said despite public concerns williams has every right to work remotely. >> he is not out there gathering evidence himself. he is not trying the cases himself. so, you know, for all intents and purposes, yes, he could,. >> and, tax record have over $110,000, in


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